Mar 27 2012

I did that!

A few weeks ago I participated in Sunshine Week (a semi-coordinated national event aimed at bringing transparency to all aspects of government) by visiting a local TV station and reviewing their public records. Wow, writing that makes it sound very boring. I guess the work itself was actually somewhat dry, but it was cool to be a part of a larger organized effort to unmask shadowy SuperPACs and pull back some of the layers of obfuscation between citizens and the methods of democracy.

I was reminded of it today because FreePress gave a shout-out to it here (the star labeled KOIN, was all me!!).

Mar 20 2012

Portland Plan Update

Yes! After years of work, the Portland Plan is finally being passed to the City Council.

Here’s the recommended version (not final because the City Council will likely make some changes): Recommended Draft.

Also, here’s a cool video that they made to highlight the proposals.

I will definitely be going on 4/18, if you’re in Portland you should come!