Jul 10 2008

Bonafide naval staring

You know those moments when you are struck by some relic of an earlier you that makes you marvel at how much you’ve changed? I had one of those moments a few minutes ago when I found this on the internet:

Ofsinko AIM profile

It’s so full of youthful exuberance. Not just the exclamation points and short sentences, but the whole whimsical nature of it, and the fact that it was totally acceptable for anyone on the internet to see it and have exactly the view of me that this type of profile would illicit. Maybe the confidence of being young? Or the carelessness?

It makes me wonder how much of that stuff is grown-out-of vs. beaten-out-of? Do I care more now about digital privacy because I have a greater sensitivity to abuses of public information and greater indignation towards smarter advertising, or am I just less confident about how others will view and interpret the things that I’m thinking about…