Dec 4 2007

Election Season

Even though I really don’t like politics, I seriously love election time because it’s the only time when most people open up to actually talking about philosophy.

Maybe it’s the media pseudo-discussing “the issues” or maybe it’s just that after several years of being bottled up people feel the need to sound off about how they think things have been handled over the last term and how they should be handled in the future.

Whatever it is though, I feel like a kid in a candy store when casual acquaintances or strangers are willing to engage in dialogue about the role of government in society, or gender equality, or tyranny in its many forms.

I wish that there was some force that was pressuring the media to direct the debates more towards the issues that impact the most constituents instead of the highest profile or most divisive topics, but getting people to think about at least some aspect of their societal future is better thank nothing I suppose.