Nov 19 2007

We’re buying a house!!!

I’m at work now, so can’t really do this post justice, but the last several months have been a tremendous ordeal of ups and downs and legal contracts and dashed hopes and everything else that one can imagine goes along with trying to find a place to live. But it looks like we may be at the end of all of that.

Today someone accepted an offer we made on their house. There’s already been a flurry of activity, including an inspection of the property tomorrow.

Here’s some pictures for those who are dying to know…

Outside of house (garage is included)
House Pic 1

Inside front door facing East
House Pic 2

Similar shot to previous, but showing picture window
House Pic 3

This is the dining room (facing West from doorway)
House Pic 4

Kitchen (facing North)
House Pic 5

Part of breakfast nook
House Pic 6

Pretty sweet master bedroom with french doors to back yard/deck (now we’ll just have to get a sweet bed to go with it)
House Pic 7

Master bathroom (attached to master bedroom)
House Pic 8

Bonus room upstairs (I think they listed this as a third bedroom, but I can’t see how it could be used that way…
House Pic 9

Window of upstairs bedroom (facing East)
House Pic 10

Upstairs bathroom (I think it’s really more of a lavender color)
House Pic 11

Basement (with relatively high ceilings)
House Pic 12

Back deck (doors to master bedroom)
House Pic 13

Back yard (walls are neighbor’s garages)
House Pic 14

Back yard (wider shot)
House Pic 15

And that’s it for now. Very exciting.